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Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Do your kids hate eating anything green? Slip some vegetables into a hearty shepherd’s pie, and they’ll never know the difference.

Battling Over Bedtimes? Not Anymore


Battling Over Bedtimes? Not Anymore

Tired of the begging, crying and stalling tactics that accompany every bedtime? Here are some simple strategies to help everyone get a good night’s sleep.

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Snack Attack   Recipes for kids

Cinnamon Apple Pockets

The sweet combo of cinnamon, apples and sugar makes these toasties a family favorite.


Parent Talk   Share your advice!


I really feel that my kids need time to chill after being at school all day, but it’s hard to get them into homework mode once they’ve relaxed. Any ideas?


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Have a Monster Garage Sale

Now that all your spring cleaning is behind you, it’s time to get rid of the excess junk cluttering your home and garage. Here’s how to have a successful yard sale that’s both profitable and painless.

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Smothered Caribbean Chicken and Rice

Coconut milk gives this creamy skillet supper a breezy island flair.

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Is Your Family Sleep-deprived?

We’re spending more time on work, school, activities and homework than ever -- at the expense of sleeping. Here’s how to get your family the z’s it needs.

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Family Poll

Do you believe vaccinations are harmful?


Listen for tips on raising happy, healthy eaters.

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What is the most popular kids’ sport in the U.S.?

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